Mutually Beneficial

≹ AKA as a Platform that Bridges Third Parties / Brand to Introduce Product / Services while Incentivize User.


The AKA Platform will facilitate promotion / market research activities that are mutually beneficial to both parties ( brand and user ) and AKA will not collect fees for these activities.

This facilities is useful to make it easy for brand holder to find verified ,valid and qualified users.
And for freelancers / volunteers can easily get chance for qualified opportunities with themselves.

Creating an ad system that is user friendly while mutually beneficial ,less annoying with more comfortable ambient due familiar people personal touch introducing brand will make brand ad more having a deep engagement.

Use Case :

A. Recommendations, testimonials, endorse of certain brands on public / official / casual posts by user on AKA social media or in the market place.

B. Users can be as refferal, dropshipper, agents, distributors, affiliate partners for certain brands in the market place.

C. And the most important point A B will be seen in the social commerce ad package on the AKA social media market place platform.
( Important ! Point C must be by legal agreement that both parties agree within a certain period and point C is not a requirement to be able to do point A B, but only as a refinement )
And AKA sees this as an elegant and mutually supportive way for both parties, the Brand Holder can also build a positive image by helping to empower its users economically. It's not like the mainstream that exists now, just because it's based on users using SaaS for free then the self entity we are considered normal to be included in a package of social commerce ads that towards to commercialization. ( Even after TOS approval )
"Don't Banned me after this Post, because this is Public Unaware Ugly Truth" ?

With the existence of commercial advertisements whose existence is recognized supported by valid users, the presence of friends, acquaintances or even families who support certain brands will make it easy for users to make choices over certain brands and facilitate the visibility of a brand, helping to build consumer trust in certain brands.

Brand holders can also conduct surveys / market research or feedback with a verified valid user who provides a direct response.


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