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AKA Coin Logo





AKA Origin Philosophy

AKA Stands for Also Known As

Reveal True Identity or Under a Pseudonym is a Rights.

AKA Community Philosophy


AKA is Community-Driven Social Network Market Place Platform

that Aims Together with Community Putting People First.

AKA Coin Symbol ( ) Philosophy

Neither Greater-Than Nor Less-Than

In Mathematics , an Inequality is a Relation that Holds Between Two Values when They are Different.

AKA Coin Philosophy

Privacy Without Sacrificing Transparency

It’s Undeniably Fact that All Transaction is Recorded on Immutable Public Blockchain But the Sender Recipient can Choose to Reveal True Identity or Stay Pseudonym.



Table Of Contents :



 ?  Solution

?  Conclusion

?  Road Map


  AKA Coin Detail





❎  Crypto Currency Blockchain Technology is Predicted to be the Best Invention after the Internet. This Opinion is not a Shallow Judgments because we are seeing Big Corporations are Attracted and Investing Heavily on these Technology. Soon or Later these Technology will Bloom like Internet and Community is not Prepared Well on How to Embrace these Technology Wisely same as like Internet Frenzy before because of Limited number of Social Network MarketPlace Platform to Educate and Accommodate Non Crypto Crypto Community.


❎  There are only a few Crypto Currency Projects in the Market now that are Initiated to be a Medium of Learning Practice in How to Use Crypto Currency Properly, Easier, Secure and give it’s All Behind Technology Advantages without having to invest first. This makes Crypto Currency hardly Gain Traction with Non Crypto Community because in their Understanding regarding Crypto Currency is not an Urgency Matters.


  A Limited number of Social Network have Mutually Beneficial business model and Incentivization Scheme for User.


  Third Party don't have Express Affordable Promotion Long-Term Collaboration Platform and hardly recognise a Valid Supporter Participants

( Because the Inconvenience and Reluctance of supporters participants to do KYC for each different project )

Supporter Participants hardly to find platforms for Instant Cash Out Long-Term Gains to new project and only need once KYC for every project.

Difficulty to Launch Project with Express Traction and Supporter Participant hardly finds Instan Cash Out at Initial Phase.


? Solution


AKA Coin is Ethereum-Based Crypto Currency and Begin its Debut as AKA Community Currency Outside Inside AKA Social Network MarketPlace Platform. AKA Platform is a Home to Educate and Accommodate AKA Community to be Involved in Crypto BlockChain Universe and Substantially use AKA Coin as a Medium of Learning Practice of Crypto Currency especially in Indonesia and for the Entire World.

Indonesia as the Fourth Most Populous Country on Earth but with minimum Education, Information and Practice of Crypto Currency Blockchain is the Perfect Trial Target of Learning and Practice.


?  In Order to make sure that AKA Crypto Currency Gains Traction, Contagious and become a Medium of Learning Practice of Crypto Currency, AKA Coin is offering AKA Crypto Currency to Everyone Free of Fiat Money Charge except Paying Gas Fee, by doing SelfDrop.

It's a Mission to Introduce Crypto Currency as Future Digital Currency to Non Crypto Community and as an Alternate for Crypto Community.


?  AKA Social Network MarketPlace Claim its Platform as a Community-Driven because it's business model and Incentivization Scheme for User through User Generated Content by :

1. Ads Promoted Content Scheme

The Customers want to place ads on the AKA platform, they need to use AKA Coin to get ad space.

The Customer also can Promote their Brand Page / MarketPlace using AKA Coin.

Same case if the User of the Platform wants to have Quick Engagement on their Account can use AKA Coin to Promote their Page, Post, MarketPlace Product or make Individual Ads.

All AKA Coin Fee for Promoting or Ads Service on the AKA Platform will be purchased on the Public Market ( not directly to AKA Teams ) then transferred to AKA Platform with If  Condition :


This scheme will ensure AKA Developer can not OverWhelm User with Ads and Promoted Content with Holder participation by controlling AKA Coin supply at the market.

This will give Users Greater Freedom to manage funds by giving them the Freedom to choose whether their coins are saved / used / sold within desired price.

 2. AKA as a Platform that bridges User to Incentivize other User for their Generated Content.

Like, Comment, Share, Emoticon, Emoji, Expression, Clap, Up Vote / Down Vote, Flag, etc.

AKA wants to make difference here , but Why ?

  1. User Generated Contents are Unique, which is why we never get bored glued our eyes on the screen for hours. And these hours are less or no Economic Value due electricity and internet data cost and productive hours taken away from User.
  2. Why it is called Social Network ? Because One Of the Main Philosophy is to be Socially Useful.

In this Case let us use an Imagery :

Problem :

  1. Someone posts himself or someone else who is struggling against economic hardships that are very urgent such as needing money for operations, accident, disaster and we only encourage or share posts / tag other people so that the news can reach other people which can be helped immediately which only eases the burden of the mind without reducing significant economic distress.

There is NO Personal Fund Raising Platform for Scholarship or Charity

  1. Posts that are very useful, good, unique and a lot of sympathy. Where the creators sacrifice time and money to produce it. But we can not help financial support ( even if have a way but not in simple way ) so that the creator can continue to produce more and good works again. Options for monetizing content such as this must meet certain conditions that are applied on a number of platforms.

Solution :

a b : Donate  Tipping  as easy like clicking a button and directly without any fee.

( one of the advantages of a crypto currency is that it can send without a minimum amount, in this way any small amount of appreciation can remain valuable because it can be balanced with the large number of senders participants )

 3. AKA  as a Platform that Bridges Third Parties / Brand to Introduce Product / Services while Incentivize User in Mutually Beneficial way.

The AKA Platform will facilitate promotion / market research activities that are mutually beneficial to both parties ( brand and user ) and AKA will not collect fees for these activities.

This facilities is useful to make it easy for brand holder to find verified ,valid and qualified users.

And for freelancers / volunteers can easily get chance for qualified opportunities with themselves.

Creating an ad system that is user friendly while mutually beneficial ,less annoying with more comfortable ambient due familiar people personal touch introducing brand will make brand ad more having a deep engagement.

Use Case :

  1. Recommendations, testimonials, endorse of certain brands on public / official / casual posts by user on AKA social media or in the market place.
  2. Users can be as refferal, dropshipper, agents, distributors, affiliate partners for certain brands in the market place.
  3. And the most important point A B will be seen in the social commerce ad package on the AKA social media market place platform.

( Important ! Point C must be by legal agreement that both parties agree within a certain period and point C is not a requirement to be able to do point A B, but only as a refinement )

And AKA sees this as an elegant and mutually supportive way for both parties, the Brand Holder can also build a positive image by helping to empower its users economically. It's not like the mainstream that exists now, just because it's based on users using SaaS for free then the self entity we are considered normal to be included in a package of social commerce ads that towards to commercialization. ( Even after TOS approval )

"This is Public Unaware Ugly Truth"

With the existence of commercial advertisements whose existence is recognized supported by valid users, the presence of friends, acquaintances or even families who support certain brands will make it easy for users to make choices over certain brands and facilitate the visibility of a brand, helping to build consumer trust in certain brands.

Brand holders can also conduct surveys / market research or feedback with a verified valid user who provides a direct response.


? Project Launching


Win-Win Solution between Developer and Supporter Participants.

Developer can offer valid Participants some AKA Coin for instant Reward to join it's Group as Supporter then Developer can Initiate it's Project Champaign for long-term with participants and rewarding Participants with it's own way.

Developer can use platform ( create group and gathering participants ) and gets a valid Supporter Participants for Free , AKA Coin only used to Rewarding Onboarding Effort of Participants.

Developer also can Promote its Project outside Group ( Inside AKA Platform ) with some AKA Coin as Retribution Fee.

Flow :

- Project X want to Launch it's Token / Product and need Valid Participants.

- Project X open Group on the AKA Platform.

- Developer Publish Announcements Stated it's Group Rules. ( Eq. Task and Period of short-term long-term)

- Participants must commit short term rules ( period of stay and task ) before Onboarding.

- If Participants break rules then Developer have Right to reported it. Participant will be recorded and listed on Transparent Supporter Participant Public List for each rules breakage.

- Mutual Agreements for long-term task period of stay rules is not Obligation to both parties ( depends on Champaign Traction )

- Onboarding Participants will be instantly rewarded some AKA Coin.

- Developer begins it's long-term Champaign and participants supporters conduct it's own analysis have decisions Rights to stay supporting or no longer.



?  Conclusion


AKA Max Supply is 77 Billions. The Purpose is We Want All People to have a Bigger Chance to Adapt Crypto Currency and Ensure that Supply is Met. Every Single Person should have Ease of Access to AKA Coin same as like Fiat Money.

AKA Coin Genesis Distribution Phase doesn't have Economic Value, but if Demand Increases and Supply Remains Unchanged , then it Leads to Higher Equilibrium Price.

After AKA Successful Launch it's Initial Use Case as a Medium of Crypto Learning Practice, The Next Step is to Create a Demand for AKA Coin to bring it more Higher Equilibrium Price to become a Real Functional Utility Token then there will definitely be a continuous demand, instead how AKA can be sold out in period of time ( without a Real Functional Utility, Token Value will eventually go down instead a Steady Rise of Value )

When  Customers or User wants to use AKA Ads /Ambassador /Affiliates /Ads Service User to User Incentivization need to use AKA Coin,this will make continuous demand to AKA Coin,then automatically bring it more Higher Equilibrium Price.

Prosperity for All Community.

? Now.......

Imagine if AKA Platform use Fiat Money for these Service and not use AKA Coin then there will be a very little demand to AKA Coin ( AKA Coin Value will be only based on Speculation instead a Real Functional Utility ) And the worst thing if AKA Platform use Fiat Money for it's Service then All Revenue will go directly into AKA Teams Pocket.

That's why AKA Teams Claim it is Platform as Community-Driven Platform.

Community will helping each other and Contibute  to Support AKA Platform become Better and more Beneficial to the Community.

This will bring mutual benefit through It's business model.

AKA is Open Community,AKA is Community Company,

Community is the AKA Stakeholders.

Why AKA need Tokenization

With Tokenization,Sustaining All AKA Coin Holders becomes AKA Stakeholder.

The AKA Company's main source of revenue comes from the platform. Where the platform provides services for customers and users by using AKA Coin as a retribution fee for promoted services on the platform.

Tokenization can distribute platform revenue fairly among token holder.

How AKA makes Tokenization Works as it Meant to be ?

At Beginning AKA Coin will be distributed to Community through Free Seldrop,Bounty and after these distribution supply has run out and most users have sold their tokens, then User can Earn Token by generate content that will be appreciated ( tipped ) by other User or earn from Third Party Service.

The User  Liquidates the token he gets to the Exchange Market to be bought by a third party who wants to use the token as a promotionals retribution fee on the AKA platform, this is the Economic TurnAround Chain on the AKA Platform.



? Road Map


Q3 2019

-   Launch AKA Beta Platform

-   Smart Contract Deployed on Ethereum Network

-   SelfDrop, AirDrop and Bounty


Q4 2019

-   Dex Trading

-   BitcointalkAKA Platform Bounty

-   Exchange Listing Voting

Q1 2020

-   Listing on Exchange

-   Trading Competitions

-   Wallet Integration on AKA Platform Donate / Tipping

-   Bounty ( Content Challenge )

Q2 2020

-   Listing on more Exchange

-   Trading Competitions

-   Dating,FundRaising,Marketplace with AKA Coin available on AKA Platform.

Q3 2020

-   Third Party Service Project Launcing on AKA Platform

-   Third Party Service/ Brand to Introduce Product/ Services while Incentivize User in Mutually Beneficial way

-   Update Roadmap Q4 2020 -2021




Yetty Chua

CEO Founder 

Rinto Effendy

COO Co Founder



AKA Coin Detail


Token Name                  :  AKA Coin

Token Ticker                  :  AKA

Token Symbol                : 

Token Standard             :  ERC-20

Blockchain Platform       :  Ethereum

Total Supply                  :  77,000,000,000

Decimals                       :  18

Smart Contract  Address :  0xa69674914c9bce52ada572329770ca8464dcfe49

1st Self Drop Amount      :  170.000 AKA

Block Explorer                : https://etherscan.io/token/0xa69674914c9bce52ada572329770ca8464dcfe49


AKA Coin Allocation Supply











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