DEXA COIN is a progressive application that streamlines the way money is sent and received while allowing individuals to embed money through the default text beam.



The blockchain generation replaces the modernized centralized business version of the financial services company. Banks and financial institutions are exploring various approaches to implementing blockchain technology to lower transaction prices, speed up transactions, erase many transactions and reduce fraud with DEXA COIN

What is DEXA COIN all about?

DEXA COIN is a progressive application that streamlines the way money is sent and received while allowing individuals to embed money through the default text beam. The platform is designed to change the way you send and receive money, with a faster, progressive, secure and simple openness for each individual who can intentionally handle mobile gadgets. DEXA COIN will implement blockchain technology in this ecosystem and its impact will help to drive the transfer and exchange of funds more than ever. Integrating the blockchain into this ecosystem can abandon mediators and improve the way we send and receive money globally.


The DEXA COIN application offers easy-to-purchase titles that allow anyone with a basic understanding of the phone to be able to transfer money at low cost in terms of transparency and is not to be confused. The DEXA COIN application not only allows you to talk to the general population where your customers send money, but also incorporates a "text function" that lets you hang out with friends and family.

What is the secrete behind DEXA COIN idea?

it no longer an information or new to us that traditional payment systems charge huge fees when sending or Receiving money from one person/individual to the other. These bogus exchange fees keep discouraged people from giving and receiving money from friends, family or business partners. The existing system security posture is shaken because all systems are connected to one server and the entire system collapses when the central server goes down. Blockchain is the only system that can provide adequate security, transparency and low cost for transactions and created this platform.

What are the proposed Solution by DEXA COIN to turn this issues around

Because existing database systems that operate on customer server dynamics are no longer productive due to flooding in the money transfer business, decentralized control becomes a key segment of cash flow, ultimately avoiding the risks associated with centralized control that combine openness of materials. . DEXA COIN discards other issues and mediators that accompany traditional strategies for mediation and transfer of funds. With just a few screen addresses, people can earn money without pain for friends or family for all intents and purposes. This requires much less money, takes less time and doesn't expect the physical to spend cash. 

  • Send and receive money worldwide. The simple user interface ensures that this system is easy to use and anyone who has a smartphone connected to the Internet can make international money transfers, payments and purchases.
  • Instant Payment. Ability to pay quickly and efficiently using payments without NFC contacts or QR codes.
  • The ability to connect your bank account. You can connect payment cards like VISA, MasterCard.
  • Instant messaging feature. This is a unique competitive advantage. This provides an unparalleled level of communication for platform users.
  • Effective security. This company offers full protection and resistance against hacker attacks. User safety is a priority for the DEXA Coin project.
  • User privacy. User privacy and protection are top priorities. The instant messaging feature will be based on a unique encryption principle that limits third party access and ensures that messages remain private to users.

DEXA Wallet/DEXA Prepaid Card

Dexa Wallet is where customers hold DEXA tokens. Wallets allow customers to hold various forms of digital money. Wallets have a variety of security features, including devices that ensure the welfare and security of sophisticated resources. while for the prepaid cards, platform intend to built a prepaid card to help individuals who do not have a captain or bank account but need money processing activities. Interested people who need a prepaid card should submit it and they will move the card to the door. DEXA COIN prepaid cards are also used for payments, withdrawals or shopping around the world.


  • Global Money Transfer

Those who are used to using mobile devices should have the option of easily giving and receiving money from all over the world. DEXA COIN application is easy, easy to use and safe.

  • security

The DEXA COIN application puts security at the top of the list, so various safety measures are integrated within the DEXA COIN application to ensure the welfare and security of user funds and sophisticated wallets.

  • Speed payment

The DEXA COIN app helps you to eliminate extra cash spending going to the cafe to pay over the internet because the DEXA COIN app is the same as its work. You can make instant payments via NFC payment technology and QR code on the platform.

  • DEXA APP can be easily linked to your bank account

DEXA COIN can be linked to various bank accounts. Connecting to the general ledger system allows customers to link their applications to payment cards. Example: Remittance from Master Card and Visa Card or Application to Financial Balance.

  • Dexa coin instant Messenger function

The APP will participate in the “SMS feature”, where customers can not only communicate with the general public, but also send cash, as well as hang out with friends and family.

Function DEXA Coin

In addition, social communication functions are deployed based on the DEXA Coin application, allowing users to communicate with people not only with the problem of sending money, but also with friends and family. With the powerful blockchain technology and the unique DEXA Coin app, there is a special opportunity to send and receive money anywhere in the world at low cost anywhere in the world.

Another possibility of the DEXA coin application is an instant payment feature that allows users to pay for small purchases, coffee or dinner using NFC payment technology or QR codes. This app can also connect payment cards to systems like Visa, MasterCard.

In addition, the DEXA Coin project plans to issue company prepaid cards in the future, which will help users without a bank account. Each user can apply for such a card purchase and later use it in many cities around the world for purchases, payments and withdrawals.

The Issues Encounter in the Traditional method of send money

the issues of send money from one place to another have now becomes a critical issues in day to day life. How much do you think you would receive if you had to spend 100 dollars on a friend in the US? You do not know. It's hard to guess because of the hidden costs that remittance companies charge. There are a lot of hidden costs along with the decrease because the exchange rate creates the full amount of the amount you want to decrease. Even if the Money Transfer Operator (MTO) offers a free exchange rate, the exchange rate is always too diluted to compensate for the lost fees. In addition to high commissions, there are other factors that make the whole experience regret. These factors include technology, organizational structure, rules, regulations, and overall prices.

In addition to these factors, this MTO does not provide the level of privacy and security requested by customers due to sensitive financial information and transactions.

There are some drawbacks to the traditional remittance methods mentioned above, but there are still a lot of individuals and businesses that choose traditional methods to waste and waste a lot of time.

The Disadvantage of traditional money transferring methods

The listed below are the major disadvantage of local or traditional money transfer which has be proposed solution to by Dexa_coin

Huge transfer fee:

The traditional money transfer methods are usually more expensive.


The conventional methods of money transfer are time-consuming due to the presence of middleman in the process. Not to mention the time which is wasted in filling up the money transfer forms and the entire procedure to prove one’s identity every time you have to send or receive money.

Not readily available when need:

The money transfer companies and banks offer services for a limited number of days and hours per day. They do not offer 24/7 service. Furthermore, they are closed on several holidays and all weekends. This make things difficult in case of an emergency when you need to send some money across during the non operating hrs or during public holidays.

the percentage of losing your money is high:

Over recent years there has been an increase in the number of frauds with scammers gaining access to the control tracking number.

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