Last updated: 05 October 2020

Frequently Asked Question

What are points?
Points is what you earn for your interactions at Hashtosh. Points are converted into USD with conversion rate of USD 1.00 = 100 points

What is wallet?
Wallet is the place where you can top up money from paypal or bitcoin. With available balance in your wallet, you can upgrade to Pro, post an advertisement, or send some USD to other site members.

What is upgrade to Pro means and the benefits?
Upgrade to Pro means you are being the exclusive members of the site, with automatic verified badge, and post some advertisements for your business

How do I post advertisements on the site?
First, make sure you have upgraded to Pro Member and then, you can replenish your wallet balance for the advertisements.

How do I earn from the site?
You earn from points that you gain from your interactions on the site. Comment: 2 points, Like/Reaction: 2 points, Create a post: 5 points. Your points then will convert to USD 1.00 for every 100 points that you earn.
You also can earn from referral link when you invite your friends to join the site. Earn commission of 70% when your friend register and buy a pro package
You can withdraw your earnings from the payment link, when it reach USD 10.00

What is the maximum points I can earn?
Pro user can earn max. 50 points daily, and Regular user can earn max. 20 points daily

What is the maximum referrals I can earn?
There is no limit for referrals, and please be informed that we have proven and fair algorithm to ensure that only legitimate referrals will earn from the referral link.